Age and Pull Ups

I’m currently training for a Spartan event (my first ever) and my upper body strength is what my personal trainer is focusing on now. That’s very important considering that I have never thought of myself as athletic nor particularly strong.

I hike, sure, but I only started hiking four years ago. Prior to that, I was an indoors person as anyone could possibly be. As a kid, I could only handle the merry-go-round while everyone else breezed through the jungle gym which I hated the most.

Looking back, that’s very ironic considering how upper body strength is critical in all Spartan obstacle races. Everytime I see videos of Spartan athletes, I marvel at their strength and their capacity for endurance.

At the gym, for every upper body routine that my trainer pushes me to go through, he usually gets an earful but I have to do it anyway.

Yesterday, though, I was groaning at assisted pull ups, when I saw a man in his 80s doing it all by himself. I couldn’t believe it. He looked every bit the frail, old man with white hair that we can all call Grandpa. I had to stop, watch, and gawk at how easily he pulled himself up.

And just like that I was shamed enough to stop complaining and do my routine. 😉

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