Letter to a Friend

Mistakes. Some of us are afraid of them. Like taking risks that could change a life or embarrass us. Others seek it like the proverbial moth to a flame whether they know it or not. Either way, mistakes will always be a fact of life. Mistakes are always painful or full of regret.

Like hanging on to people that don’t deserve you, my friend. Know this: if a person ever makes you feel like you’re the least important person in their world, better believe it. Walk away. The truth is, if they ever really cared, they will find a way.

But because this is Life, there will always be a good side to every bad thing. We make mistakes so we can learn and be better. What is life but for us to learn and evolve as human beings?

The best part of the process is waking up and finally knowing that what you used to know is not what you thought it was, after all. It is knowing that you value yourself more than anything, and that you’re strong enough now to walk away. You know that the old ways no longer serve you, and that staying will only destroy or keep the new you from becoming the beautiful butterfly that you were always meant to be.

Waking up and walking away from a mistake you’ve hung on to for years is hard, but my friend, you are strong. You were born that way. How else did you grow from a tiny sliver of life that fought its way to make you?

The most important thing will always be you. How you feel, what you think of yourself is what matters most. Live your fabulous life as you see fit chasing only yourself, not others.

Because you are worthy. Only you get to lift yourself up from the mess that you allowed others to make of your inner life. Never again.

Remember that.

Fly high. Fly free.

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