Coffee, Tea, or….

What is there about morning beverages that we have to take them in order to power the rest of our day? We were all born drinking milk first so why not that? I'll answer my own question. If you're like me, I'm lactose intolerant. But if I had a choice I would love to be … Continue reading Coffee, Tea, or….

Age and Pull Ups

I'm currently training for a Spartan event (my first ever) and my upper body strength is what my personal trainer is focusing on now. That's very important considering that I have never thought of myself as athletic nor particularly strong. I hike, sure, but I only started hiking four years ago. Prior to that, I … Continue reading Age and Pull Ups

Art Matters (with apologies to Neil Gaiman)

As an artist, I always strove for perfection in the unhealthiest of ways. This often leads to a kind of paralysis that prevents me from putting my work out there, thinking that my work is never good enough. My partner of 18 years has always told me to put out work no matter what just … Continue reading Art Matters (with apologies to Neil Gaiman)

Lost hearts on the radio

Two nights ago, I found myself craving something sweet. I've removed sweets from my fridge for healthy (eating) reasons, so I had to go down to the nearest 7-11. I was waiting in line at the cashier and this radio show was on. A woman was trying to laugh at the DJ’s jokes, but it … Continue reading Lost hearts on the radio

Hiking at Hulugan

Get lost and find thyself. Have you ever gotten lost on a road trip? How did that turn out? No? Well, would you like to? It's been quite a while since my last blog but the good news is, monsoonseason is over, and it's hiking season again. I’ve been cooped up for monthsaway from nature … Continue reading Hiking at Hulugan

Letter to a Friend

Mistakes. Some of us are afraid of them. Like taking risks that could change a life or embarrass us. Others seek it like the proverbial moth to a flame whether they know it or not. Either way, mistakes will always be a fact of life. Mistakes are always painful or full of regret. Like hanging … Continue reading Letter to a Friend

Why people hate spoilers

Back in 1997, I was in sophomore year of college and the movie Titanic was the most anticipated film of the year. Back then movies in Manila came out a few days delayed unlike today when they sometimes come out ahead of North American or European theaters. Intense anticipation would build up through several weeks … Continue reading Why people hate spoilers

Down Youtube’s Rabbit Hole

Sometimes, when I'm out of ideas I go down Youtube's rabbit hole and surrender myself to the twists and turns of the interweb highway searching for creative inspiration. One day I found myself watching a compilation of the worst reactions of various international talent show contestants who didn't make the cut. What I found was … Continue reading Down Youtube’s Rabbit Hole

Flowers from Antique and Other Stories

Writing by the beach at an island in the middle of nowhere is my idea of the perfect writing life. No internet, no tv, no work-related calls, not even my laptop. Just a notebook and pen, a cup of coffee, me, myself, and I far, far away from the urban distractions of home. I work … Continue reading Flowers from Antique and Other Stories

The Rise and “Fall” of a Reader

Do you remember the first books you’ve ever read? I don’t. Not the first few books because I was too small to remember. Those were probably alphabet books. All I know is that books fascinated me even before I could read. Early on, our parents made sure to expose me and my siblings to books … Continue reading The Rise and “Fall” of a Reader